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Job qualification certification

ArabMatic ensures that workers possess the necessary skills for specific jobs such as car painting, electrical work, driving, plumbing, welding, etc... Our rigorous certification process verifies their competencies, giving employers confidence in hiring qualified professionals. Trust ArabMatic for reliable job qualification assessments and certified skilled workers.

Job assistance

ArabMatic connects you with high-quality, well-paying job opportunities in EU. Partnering with top recruitment agencies, we meticulously preselect verified companies to ensure secure and rewarding employment. We prioritize placing you with employers who value your skills and offer stability, facilitating a seamless transition to your new job abroad. Trust ArabMatic for dependable job placement and career advancement.

Psyhological and language assesement

ArabMatic provides comprehensive psychological evaluations and English language assessments to ensure workers are prepared for the demands of the EU job market. Our assessments evaluate language proficiency and psychological readiness, ensuring candidates are well-suited for international employment opportunities. Choose ArabMatic for thorough and reliable evaluations.

Give all your HR work To those who make HR work

HR functions are among the most common services which companies are likely to outsource. This is because the top HR solution providers have deep industry knowledge, a large pool of employees and provide cost savings too over hiring an internal HR team. HR functions that are generally outsourced include workforce administration, external recruitment, relocation, benefits administration, payroll, employee rewards, and recognition. HR outsourcing is a practice in which an organization hires a third-party solutions provider to handle its HR activities and administrative tasks. As a leading company in the HR Industry, ArabMatic can be your ideal strategic partner, to address all your HR needs, reduce your daily workload and compliance risk and allow you to focus on your core business operations. As a technology-driven industry, we stay on top of upcoming and latest HR trends and make sure to follow the best practices to drive fruitful outcomes for our clients. ArabMatic aims at providing companies with a single dedicated resource to manage and support all HR activities, allowing them to focus on key business areas. Our comprehensive HR services solution helps you keep your HR back-end operations running smoothly and focus on the core needs of your business. As your HR partner, we will provide you with a one-point contact, an HR specialist, who will cater to all your Core HR needs and deliver desired results.

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Our HR Outsourcing Services

HR and people management

HRM services involve recruiting, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, engaging and retaining candidates, and safety and wellness. We provide a full stack HR solution comprising of:
  • Onboarding technology
  • Compliance tools and resources
  • Talent management
  • Work-life employee assistance program
  • Employee and manager
  • HR support

Payroll and Compliance

ArabMatic takes care of the complete payroll administration and compliance management. A payroll specialist will be at your service as an extension of your payroll team to assist you and provide expertise in the payroll function. The comprehensive payroll solution provides:
  • Payroll processing and auditing
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Filing and registration of taxes
  • Quarter& year-end co-ordination
  • Compliance checking


ArabMatic recruitment management capabilities help in speeding up the hiring process, and our holistic recruitment approach enables us to attract, engage and deliver the right talent for your organization, while also ensuring a cultural fit. Our recruitment solution encompasses:
  • Screening of candidate profiles through digital platforms
  • Preliminary interviews to understand the suitability of positions
  • Scrutinizing the credentials of candidates and conducting background checks to detect any falsification
  • Eliminating bias through repeated checks of each recruitment cycle
  • Final selection process
  • Onboarding of the candidate with all the formalities in place
  • On-going support post placement to ensure the smooth settlement of the employee in his/her position

Performance and Compensation

Our customized performance and compensation technology streamlines your business' performance reviews and compensation management. This helps:
  • Increase visibility into team priorities and progress
  • Reduce the complexity of compensation calculation
  • A structured program for developing and rewarding new employees

Real-time monitoring

Our tailor-made HRMS helps:
  • Track workforce analytics in your organization, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • A dedicated account manager is provided to review data and recommend required action to further your business.

HRMS technology

Robust, customized technology to transform your business. A full-rounded technology solution integrating routine HR procedures to manage your workforce.
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